Our Services


Training & Implementation

Sometimes, businesses require an expert to train their staff or implement software as per their organization’s needs. With Training & Implementation Service, we provide proper training at the time of implementation of BUSY and keep on helping the user as and when the need arises.

BUSY Customization

BUSY is very flexible when it comes to customization. Be it integration with other application or providing additional features within BUSY Software. We have a team of dedicated solution partners who are well trained in customization in and around BUSY. They can connect BUSY with any software and can provide any solutions which a user can envisage.


Annual Maintenance Contract

In BUSY, we believe that service is the mother of sales. We are highly customer centric and provide excellent after-sales service. In fact, our existing users are our most significant source of inquiries. Now you can enjoy similar care, connectivity, and benefits after the expiry of warranty period by enrolling for our Annual Maintenance Contract.

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